Recognize and Activate Avenues for Positive Change

Our clients have a genuine desire for personal change and cultural change and are excited to collaborate with us to envision and create the future they desire in their personal and work lives.

During our coaching sessions, clients turn their concerns, projects, or situations upside-down to expose the endpoint -- their desired outcomes, results and/or solutions. Through open-minded exploration, our clients create a clear picture of their aspirations and a structured plan for achieving their desired results. Our clients leave each session with a set of achievable, relevant action steps that take them just that much closer to their goals. After reaching their desired endpoint clients may choose to re-engage our services or have a final  reflective session to overview their success and learning outcomes.

We coach and provide consulting/support services for:  dentists and their teams; small business owners and their staff; solopreneurs;  adults and students with learning differences; people who require support for project planning, development and completion; and people experiencing career and life transitions.

Do you have a genuine desire for change, an open mind, and a willingness to be playful as you design your future? Then contact us to find out if we are a good match for your needs!

Creating a space for you to blossom.  .

Creating a space for you to blossom.



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Set-Off on Your Path.

Set-Off on Your Path.

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