Support Services

Small Business Coaching and Consulting:

  • Catalyzing, and Maintaining Cultural Change
  • Team/Staff Meeting Agenda Planning and Facilitation
  • Team/Staff Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Behavior Assessments DISC Interpretation for Individuals and Teams
  • Staff Acquisition and Retention
  • Mission Statement, Business Goals and Values Development
  • Leadership Support for Small Business Owners

Job Seeker Support:

  • Job Search/Transition
  • Career Assessment Interpretation and Exploration
  • Resume and Cover Letter Building

Student Services:

  • College/Graduate School Search and Application Planning
  • Thesis Planning for Graduate Students
  • Admissions Essays

Project Planning:

  • Project Development
  • Time-Line Planning
  • Action-Step Planning
  • Accountability

Adults with Learning Differences:

  • Time Management
  • Prioritization
  • Life Balance Planning
  • Organization

THink Out-Of-The-box

  • Walk and Talk -- Prefer to think on the go? Take a walk, hike, paddle or ski with Rachel and plan while we are moving! It's fun and we can download your thinking into valuable notes afterwards.


If you would like to collaborate with us, email us at and we will get back to you soon.

All photography provided by Mark D. Knott, DDS