N.S., Solopreneur:

"Yes. I could go on, but it wouldn't encapsulate my gratitude, Rachel, as this paragraph really only scratches the surface of the esteem in which I hold you. You truly have helped me change my life course, probably more than even you realize. Thank you.

Over the years, Rachel Hochman has helped me emerge from fears, doubts and hang-ups. Rachel is professional, pragmatic, credentialed and discreet; she thinks and cares deeply and communicates clearly. Rachel provided excellent guidance as I considered diving in a new direction this past year. She listened as I articulated my worries and hopes, and she helped me develop a new narrative filled with possibilities rather than obstacles. Looking together at the same set of circumstances, Rachel was able to offer a fresh perspective, and she helped me to envision a future in which I could take control of my life rather than allow myself to drift along like a buoy unthethered. She has also helped me to set healthy boundaries, to consider how I manage my time, and, so hard for me, to value my experience and expertise. Rachel offers an unbiased sounding board, which is just what I needed to come to my own conclusions free from outside pressures. Because of my conversations with Rachel and my readiness to make a change, I feel deeply satisfied in my professional life and have a stronger sense of purpose and direction." 

 J.L., Dental Office Clinic Manager:

"Rachel is a phenomenal coach and consultant!  I have had the pleasure of knowing her for a year now!  I am extremely pleased with her consulting and coaching abilities. She is my “Go To” as she has coached me through many work related situations.  Her professionalism and eagerness to extend her knowledge has guided me over the last year!  I highly recommend Rachel for all your coaching and consulting needs!" 

M.Z., Solopreneur and Musician:

"I am self-employed, so in my coaching sessions with Rachel I wanted to outline the projects I’ve been working on, identify new projects for the year, understand old habits and patterns, and create some deadlines and accountability around the decisions that I was making.  She asks guiding questions throughout the session that invite me to look deeply, constructively, and critically, and that keep me focused on what I am trying to understand.  Without fail, I finish our sessions having been pushed much further in my thinking and visualizing than I could have if I had worked alone.  At the end of our sessions, Rachel dares me to visualize and set goals, and prioritize the likelihood--on a scale of 1-10--the odds of me acting out those goals.  It’s exactly what I need to create a new reality to inhabit."

A.S., Dentist and Small Business Owner:

When faced with a difficult personal and professional transition, I immediately thought of Rachel to assist me. Rachel is gifted in her ability to see a person, where they excel and where they do not.  She is resourceful and adept at learning processes that can be employed to facilitate desired outcomes.

In my business, Rachel has directly helped me to become stronger in areas of organization, responsiveness, clear communication and leadership as a whole. I utilized her talents in the hiring and training process of my clinical dental practice.  She also has assisted with agenda setting, meeting facilitation and retreat organization and development. 

Rachel is professional, trustworthy, honest, clear, personable, and has a deep knowing and respect for being human.  I am impressed with her ability to coach people of differing ages and education levels.  I highly recommend Rachel Hochman for coaching and facilitating on an individual and organizational level.

R.P., Director Educational Non-Profit:

"I called Rachel Hochman at the recommendation of a friend to help me with the writing of a Federal government grant application.  The writing of the grant was handed to me to do with less than a four week notice prior to its’ deadline.  Not only was Rachel an amazing coach, but she also jumped in with both hands to help me in the writing process.  She was easy to work with guiding and helping me to remain focused and on task at all times.  Rachel spent time editing my written work and at times offered her expert opinion and writing skills to complete the grant application sections, as time was not on our side.  She was available all hours of both the days and nights during this time and always positive and upbeat in her delivery of her corrections or suggestions.  It is my desire to connect with Rachel in the near future and have her advise and assist in the development of our evaluation instrument and necessary tools that will be used to measure our program results.  I highly recommend Rachel as one to assist and write high-level complex grant applications for others.  She was a professional in her delivery and both a pleasure to work with and a professional person to get to know.   


M.Z., Jazz Musician, College Faculty Member:

"Our work together made me measurably braver.”

M.K., Resort and Adventure Business Owner:

"Thanks so much for all your assistance with preparing my MBA application. You helped me dig deeper to unveil the real meaning I was looking for in my essays. Your guidance really made a big difference in the way my message came across. Without actually writing the essays for me, you kept coming back encouraging me to bring out what I was trying to get across in a more succinct manner. Your help with reviewing every part of my application was invaluable. I know that I would not have been able to convey why I was the right candidate for the program without your thoughtful  coaching."

B.K., Artist, Mother of 5, Mother of Autistic Child:

Therapy is a vital part of my life for healing and emotional growth. But it is an extremely draining process that leaves me raw and exhausted. After coaching, I am immediately intellectually stimulated and ready to dissect problems without attaching emotions to them. I leave each session feeling invigorated. Coaching sessions build my mental fitness, so that I approach situations prepared to successfully reach my goals

A.S., Solopreneur:

"We have worked on clarifying values, laying out long and short term action strategies, and parsing other issues that affect my ability to pursue my passion. I really  appreciate that we don't just focus on goals or steps, but rather, we explore why I might want to go in one direction or another, what drives me, what makes me good at what I do. She helps me to uncover and solidify the foundations for my work. Without those solid foundations, my work will never stand. Rachel does all of this without imposing her views. She simply has the wonderful talent of drawing out the best in others."  

C.F., Solopreneur and Cancer Survivor: 

"Rachel worked with me while I prepared to undergo hard choices and challenges. Feeling overwhelmed by several factors, I had difficulty organizing. Our sessions provided the grounded, focused support that helped me care for myself  while preparing for these big changes."

D.B., PhD.: 

"In my experience, Rachel expertly establishes a rapport with her client, which facilitates the client’s trust to be forthcoming with her goals and values.  Rachel listens attentively to her clients such that she adeptly assists clients in identifying what matters most to them.  In my case of career transitioning, I wasn’t entirely clear on my career trajectory or even which career path made the most sense to me, given my talents and values.  When I first began coaching with Rachel, the contents of my mind with respect to my career choice and trajectory were unclear, scrambled, and vague.  However, through attentive listening and (what I would consider) a client-centered approach to coaching, Rachel was able to help clarify my career goals and personal values.  Coaching sessions with Rachel reminded me very much of an artist who chisels away at a block of marble, along the marble veining, to reveal the shape underneath.  In the case of coaching, Rachel’s attentive listening and questioning form the chisel that helps clients to reveal their goals.  But to be clear, this analogy goes only so far; unlike an artist who is the sole creator of the art, Rachel’s coaching is just that—it is non-directive and value neutral.  In this sense, then, with Rachel’s assistance, it is the client who is the “creator.”  

In addition to Rachel’s clear technical competence in coaching, she demonstrates an unequivocal empathy for her client and a passion for helping them actualize the very goals that give their lives definition and meaning.  I look forward to future coaching sessions with Rachel, and I enthusiastically recommend Rachel to others who are looking for a coach who is gracious, generous with her time, expertly competent in coaching, and demonstrates a genuine empathy for her clients and their commitments."


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All photography provided by Mark D. Knott, DDS