Polarities: Resistance (Ω) vs. Acceptance (Ohm)

This past weekend, I was privileged to attend the GISC Community Gathering. Here are my reflections on the Plenary Session, “Resistance from a Gestalt Perspective,” led by Mary Anne Walk, MS, MBA, MCC and Stuart Simon, LICSW, PCC. 

Ω = Ohm.

Ohm = the electrical unit of resistance . . . . But it's funny, “resistance is futile” if I choose to exercise my Ohm. 

So, I wondered, “when do I feel resistant?” 


  • When I sense I’m not being heard
  • When I’m unconditionally expected to accept someone else opinion. 
  • When I’m being challenged in a way that feels like there is no compromise, or no interest in my perspective. 
  • When I feel obligated.
  • When I’m not getting curious about whatever I am resisting.

What happens if I exercise my Ohm when I feel resistant? 

My Ohm behaviors are pausing, breathing, expanding my perspective, and engaging in curiosity: 

  • Why am I feeling resistance?
  • What am I thinking that makes me resistant?
  • What questions could I ask to create collaboration within myself or with someone else to dissolve my resistance? 

When I exercise my Ohm, I notice an opportunity to create compromise, be relaxed, keep my perspective and accept someone else’s. 

What about you? What are your thoughts about your own resistance?

  • How do you know when you are feeling resistant?
  • What experiences trigger your resistance?
  • Why do you experience this resistance?
  • What might be one way to dissolve your resistance?

What is your Ohm?

Thanks for Playing!