Listening With A Coach's Ears

By listening deeply to our clients, we provide a space that allows our clients to experience truly being heard. As coaches, we listen with non-judgement. This judgment free zone (JZF) opens-up the potential for trust and relationship between coach and client and within the client themselves. 

In the JZF, our clients experience the possibility of reframing their own judgements. And as they reframe concerns, problems and situations into the world of solutions and possibility they enter a creative and resourceful state that allows them to actively and meaningfully make choices in pursuit of their goals.

Listening as a coach is about the speaker’s: 

  • Curiosity, 
  • Focus points, 
  • Goals, 
  • Context, 
  • World-views, 
  • Who they are now, 
  • Who they wish to become, and 
  • What they wish to create. 


With coach’s ears on, everything else falls away. By deeply listening to tone, body language, and pacing, we support our clients as they create:

  • An awareness of their most meaningful goals, 
  • Who they want to be for themselves and others, 
  • Where they are now, 
  • Where they wish to be, 
  • Their innate abilities to achieve their objectives and 
  • Their own creative solutions that activate their objectives/missions/visions.

Try on a coach’s ears in your own relationships.

  • How much deeper was your understanding of yourself and your partner, friend, work-mate, employee, boss?
  • What new opportunities were you able to create together?
  • Who were you being as you deeply listened?
  • What does deeply listening create for you in the world?

Thanks for Playing!